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Survey works in 2016 and 2017

Steve Kay and Sophie Hay undertook GPR and Electrical Resistance Tomography Survey on the Claudian mole in the port of Claudius in spring 2016 and 2017, and are due to do so again in spring 2018. The work was funded by the Portuslimen Project undertaken in close collaboration with the British School at Rome. Steve also undertook the first season of a photogrammetric survey of the Grandi Magazzini di Settimio Severo. Continue reading →

Lost and Found: Places, Objects and People

Friday 27 October 2017, British School at Rome. Lost and Found will bring together some of the archaeologists, classicists and experts in other fields who are leading the fight to preserve the traces of our past. From recovering stolen artefacts, to mapping endangered archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa, this event will demonstrate how international researchers are combating global human problems. Continue reading →

Portus in National Geographic Espana

It was very heartening to see that the National Geographic Espana, which is celebrating its 125th Anniversary, voted the results of our 2013 Portus Field School excavations, which were presented at a public lecture at Rome in November, as one of the ten principal archaeological finds of 2013. This is a great tribute to all the staff and students who were involved in the project. You can read a blog post about this on the National Geographic Espana website. Continue reading →

Portus and its Hinterland

As we enter a new year of research and education focused on Portus I thought I would flag up some wider activities from last year relating to the site, its hinterland and wider networks. The first of these is our new ERC funded project. In October 2013 the European Research Council announced that a bid that I had submitted to the Advanced Grant scheme for a project to the value of €2.49 million (£2.1 million) had been successful. Continue reading →

Plans for resuming joint excavation

I have just been down to Portus today to discuss plans for resuming our joint excavation at the Palazzo Imperiale with the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma (Ostia Antica) in January. I hope that the results from this coupled with the screening of the BBC1 programme Rome's Lost Empire on Sunday will remind people of the importance and richness of this unique site. Continue reading →