Tuition and Course Credits

Course fee is £3,500. The fee includes tuition, accommodation, workdays meals and Sunday dinners, programme activities and excursions, airport transfer and daily transport to/from the site. Airfare and health/travel insurance are not included.

A University of Southampton Lifelong Learning Certificate is available for all Field School participants.

Those studying for a degree course may attend Portus as part of an accredited course. You will receive 30CATS, awarded by the University of Southampton. 30 UK credits roughly equate to 15ECTS or 10 US credits, but it is up to student’s home institution how many credits it will actually award. Those interested in obtaining accreditation should therefore first check with their home institution how gained credits will be allocated. If formal accreditation is required, please make this clear on your application form.

Portus Project 2009, Fiumicino, Italy

Those wishing to obtain credits will be required to pass two assessments. The first is a research essay on a set topic agreed with the Field School Director, Dragana Mladenović. Secondly, you will be asked to keep a reflective field journal in which you will record the work you are doing on daily basis as well as your observations about the progress of the trench that you have been assigned to. The journal will be read by the field school supervisor and discussed at weekly meetings. These meetings will be used to discuss your learning experience and progress in reference to a skills checklist, as well as to provide feedback on the journal entries. At the end of the field season those wishing to gain credits will be required to submit a Fieldwork Report, based on their fieldwork journal entries and now containing relevant illustrations, site documentation and a concluding statement, for assessment in the first week of September. In order to attain credits you must submit and pass both assessments; the essay (Assessment 1) will account for 30% and the Fieldwork Report (Assessment 2) for 70% of your total mark of the course. Your work will be graded, the final grade calculated and you will be informed of the result in early Autumn, when a credit certificate will be issued by the University of Southampton.