Cleaning the opus spicatum floor

Leonie’s area has now been cleaned and we will plan the Opus Spicatum floor this week, once Nathan has finished recording the walls in Rose and Greg’s area. Gareth has completed a new survey of the area to the north of Leonie’s trench and produced a series of volumetric models to explore the stratigraphy. We use the models to discuss the progress of the excavation and to bounce around ideas. The animation of the wall section gives an impression of the kind of work we produce each day to assist interpretation. This shows a series of reconstructed volumes based on the stratigraphic horizons recorded in the survey. For this model we were also able to use supplementary data about the area gathered using our Konica Minolta close range laser scanner. These models are constantly being updated and discarded but we keep an archive of the iterations to help in the future, and to give others an idea of the thought processes that led up to ‘finalised’ interpretations.

Screenshot from the animated stratigraphy