Gigapan Images

As a component of the Portus Project’s building survey, our team has begun to use a technique known as gigapixel imaging.  This technique employs a robotic tripod to move a digital camera in order to capture a large sequence of imagery.  That sequence of images is subsequently combined to produce an extremely high-resolution photograph.  The resulting photograph can then be traced and annotated to assist in the recording of the different phases of a building.  It also provides a record that will enable future researchers to examine the archaeological remains almost as if those researchers still had firsthand contact with them.  When paired, these gigapixel images can be used photogrammetrically to produce three-dimensional models.  Finally, we can adjust the camera setup to capture high dynamic range images, which can reveal additional surface details.

General view to the site with amphitheatre shaped building
Photo: Hembo Pagi
Panorama of Trajan harbour