Learning Digital Skills

All students on the Portus Field School will receive training in use of digital methods. However, we also offer the opportunity for students to specialise in archaeological computing during their time at Portus. The Portus Project has developed and applied computing methods at Portus for many years and so the education in digital techniques, as in every other aspect of the Portus Field School, is led by our own research. As a Portus Field School Student we can provide you with experience of technologies such as: Aerial drone photogrammetry, geophysics, laser scanning, reflectance transformation and multispectral imaging, structural analysis, data management and publication, computer graphic modelling, web based finds management systems, procedural modelling, geographic information systems and mobile computing (see slide show below). We aim to accommodate the specialist interests and experience of students so please contact Dr Dragana Mladenovic (D.Mladenovic@soton.ac.uk), the Field School Director, to explore the opportunities for the coming season and to define a tailored syllabus. The SlideShare presentation below provides an overview of some of our recent archaeological computing activities relating to Portus. Many of these involved participation by Portus Field School and other students.

You can also watch a video that includes discussion of some digital methods and a recent animation derived from the laser scanning undertaken by staff and students on site during the 2013 season. You can also look at images from Flickr showing our digital activities, and also read some related blog posts below. 

Note: Discussion of digital methods starts at approximately 3 minutes.

Laser scan animation of the Castellum Aquae of the Palazzo Imperiale at Portus, Italy
James Miles

Our Flickr gallery about Digital Skills

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