Funding for multidisciplinary field school at Portus

We have been awarded funding from a Student Centredness fund grant to create a unique field school at Portus that will provide the context for novel learning experiences to students from across the University, including an on-line infrastructure to build a community around a period of archaeological fieldwork in Italy. It will also benefit from a related SC project aimed at providing virtual access to the Portus fieldwork experience.

The field school will eventually host a Curriculum Innovation Programme module, Southampton archaeology UG student field training, MSc Archaeological Survey and Landscape students, and overseas students from archaeology, anthropology and related disciplines. In addition UG, PGI and PGR students from across the University will be encouraged to participate. The Portus multi-disciplinary field school will provide the opportunity for a new educational experience open to all students at the University, by offering hands-on, team-focused training in a variety of techniques used in modern archaeological fieldwork. The students will be exposed to techniques belonging to different scientific disciplines (including computing, geology, geophysics, biology), and research methods of social and human sciences (including history, classics, history of art), and will grow as interdisciplinary scholars and mediators – crucial skills in the modern world.