First presentation of Portus Field School and Portus MOOC digital plans

On 15 May Fiona Harvey, Lisa Harris and myself presented at the HEA Changing the Learning Landscape event. During this event I presented first thoughts on the digital aspects of the Portus Project Field School and on the planning of the Portus MOOC. At that stage we were not certain of the scale of the MOOC to be produced, hence “mini-MOOC”. We are now planning on expanding the scope of the Portus MOOC to provide a full MOOC introducing the site, its context in the Roman world, the finds and the methods employed by the archaeologists and other experts on the Portus Project. You can see the slides from the presentation below and a video of the event will be online soon. We will also provide an update soon on the plans for the Portus MOOC. You can keep up to date by following the PortusMOOC twitter account.

Further information about the event are on the Digital Economy USRG blog.