Portus Field School 2014: 22 June–13 July 2014

Further details of the Portus Field School 2014 hare now available, and registration is open. The Field School offers a combination of hands on practical training and academic content. The academic content of the programme is primarily concerned with Roman imperial history and material culture, with a particular reference to archaeology of the Tiber delta and Rome. Fieldwork training will focus upon theories, techniques and strategies of survey and excavation, archaeological stratigraphy, sampling procedures, field data collection and recording methods, documentation and report preparation. Students will also learn to map, recover, catalogue, and process archaeological artefacts.

The project also uses cutting-edge digital technologies and we can provide training in a variety of techniques that we use in our work. Those with a specific interest in this area of our work or archaeological computing in general should get in touch to discuss the options as the programme can be tailored to suit their needs.


You can learn more on the Portus Field School web pages.