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Cistern simulation

Our reconstruction work on a cistern located on the northern side of the excavation demonstrates our working process. This building had received several phases of archaeological intervention in the past and was subsequently sampled and surveyed by the Portus Project team. In addition dendrochronological data was gathered. A series of computer graphic models were produced as the recording and interpretation of the building has continued. Continue reading →

Reconstruction Methodology part four – Portscape

B. Colour Scheme Excavations beneath the Basilica Portuense by the Soprintendenza di Beni Archeologici di Ostia (Dottssa Lidia Paroli) revealed a sequence of buildings going back to the mid 1st century AD. The outer faces of these brick-faced buildings were covered with reddish, orangeish and yellowish plaster. On this basis it has been assumed that, apart from the temple complex, most buildings would have been decorated in one colour or another. Continue reading →

Reconstruction Methodology

The computer models of Portus produced prior to the start of the AHRC Portus Project were based upon the interpretation of standing structural remains uncovered by successive archaeologists, particularly Lanciani (1868), Lugli (Lugli & Filibeck 1935) and Testaguzza (1970) as well as more recent topographic work undertaken by the Soprintendenza di Beni Archeologici di Ostia, and most the survey work undertaken by the Universities of Southampton and Cambridge in association with the British... Continue reading →