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CGI research at Portus

The AHRC Portus Project is partly focussed on the application and evaluation of digital technologies, and in particular the production of computer graphic models. Specifically we implement Computer Graphic Imagery following geophysical assessment, during the excavation, in the analysis of excavated and surveyed archaeology, and in the representation and debate of interpretations. Continue reading →

Portus in the News

The GuardianĀ (1 Oct. 2009) The Independent The TimesĀ (1 Oct. 2009) The Telegraph BBC BBC (Image Gallery) Daily Mail Metro The GuardianĀ (2. Oct. 2009) The GuardianĀ (Image gallery) Science Daily (Animation of Portus) Radio 4 interviewĀ (Interview starts at 26:36) The TimesĀ (2 Oct. 2009) Rai TVĀ (minute 30.01) Il Sole 24 Ore Abitare a Roma AGR on line Welt online Peallin CNN. Continue reading →

Environmental Finds

We have collected a large volume of environmental samples from portus, particularly this year. These largely derive from sampled contexts but we also have material recovered from the various deep drill cores conducted with our colleagues from Aix en Provence. These records will be able to tell us about the environment at Portus, and potentially food stuffs consumed, organic materials transported, connections between the port and its hinterland, and a host of other information. Continue reading →

Roman Latrine found

We have just unearthed a Roman latrine within the Imperial Palace. Initial evidence around the edges and on the exposed floor suggested that this was a well-appointed room. It forms part of a complex of small rooms on the eastern end of the Imperial Palace trench, adjacent to the road. Continue reading →

The Portus Project Team

The team are all now settled into their roles. Students and staff alike are getting on with the daily work of excavation, surveying and post-excavation. The day is broken into four work sessions with welcome drinks. Shade from the trees on the east makes up for the lack of shade on much of the site. We have removed a small number of trees to allow safe excavation on the western area. Continue reading →


Leonie's area has now been cleaned and we will plan the Opus Spicatum floor this week, once Nathan has finished recording the walls in Rose and Greg's area. Gareth has completed a new survey of the area to the north of Leonie's trench and produced a series of volumetric models to explore the stratigraphy. We use the models to discuss the progress of the excavation and to bounce around ideas. Continue reading →